Sep 282018

A video of garden party from a project we just finished in Condicote, The Cotswolds. There are some nice night time pictures of the garden showing off our lighting design. We were also welcome guests and can been seen in the background if you look closely.

We had so much fun, planning this party was actually really one of the most exciting things we have done.

Enjoying a beautiful outdoor space is one of the highlights of warm weather, people can even play with 666casino during the party. If you have a garden, patio or terrace filled with plants flowers and outdoor awnings (hire Outdoor Blinds Melbourne) you are already in great shape to throw a chic garden soireé. Once you have the essentials for outdoor entertaining (i.e. a beautiful outdoor table, seating and a canopy) the finishing touches are the icing on the cake and where you are able to show personal style and flare. Any good party planner will tell you your guests comfort should be your top priority. If your gathering is during the day, make sure there are shaded areas and provide sunscreen. If it’s in the evening, citronella candles and bug spray are a must. Make your own bunting, tablecloth or napkins. “Don’t be afraid to raid your friends’ and family homes for decorative items, too. I love the eclectic look for garden parties so it’s fun to mix and match items.

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