What is our brand of Garden Design and why is it different to other professionals?

Inspired and influenced by nature, our design’s aim to elicit an emotional response within the viewer by balancing the visual and spatial relationships of the garden to ensure that the most is made from your days outside and the views into the garden from those inside.

Using a wider and more diverse plant pallet than most industry professionals we promise to create something special for you. 

Shade study, Oxford garden

Visual representations

Design process:

Free consultation
In our initial free garden design consultation we will listen carefully to what it is you want to achieve from your garden, make measurements and if approriate make some intelligent suggestions to discuss.

Following the consultation we will produce a design concept and project proposal. This will be presented to you by our designer it will include  a 3D computer model of any proposed design, pictures of suggested plants and planting styles.


From here we will provide a design and specific planting plan tailored to your gardens conditions and your tastes.
Construction management
From here we can either build the garden in house or work with your preferred contractors to realise the vision.

Costing for garden design

Garden design and construction is a bespoke service. No two projects are the same and it hard to produce off the shelf costings. That being said here are some indications

A small planting plan to renovate a border in your garden which will providing low maintenance, lots of colour and years round interest – we know how ~ £150-£300

It then rises with the scale of the project but please note that if the project is built in house the costs can be significantly subsidised by the cost of construction. So please make contact as it won’t cost you anything to meet us, have a consultation and discussion on your garden. While we cannot be helpful on price here, we can assure you that our prices are very competitive and we offer a first rate service.

Section view of a complicated step design

Plan view for the contractors

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