A Floral River and a Bog Garden in Cheltenham

We enjoyed this one.
We were commissioned to renovate this neglected pond and water cascade which was never fully operational into a decent garden feature. The clients still wanted the inference of water in the garden so we created this Bog garden and Floral river. Hopefully the pictures show the idea without me having to sully it too much with words. We used Molinia ‘Heidebraut’ planted in a wave to imitate the flowing water, because of the amount of material we needed we had to hire one of the commercial trucks. Being a finely textured grass it will do the job nicely. There are then remote populations in the bog planting to continue the theme .
To further give the idea of water we created the board walks, as might be seen in a wetland/nature reserve and the gravel on the path was re-used from the pond excavations. Bear in mind that a bog garden is an excellent way to reduce the maintenance on a pond which may have got beyond control and is able to use much of the existing materials to reduce the cost of work. Any questions please ask.


Installing the liner and watering pipes

Top soil – Note the fence in the back ground that we also built

Filling it with nice top soil



Summer scene



Cheltenham bog garden


Echinacea ‘Fatal attraction’


The cascading river and Digitalis ferruginea

Persicaria ‘Atrosanguinea’ and Lysimachia clethroides with the head of Sangusorba ten. ‘Alba’ behind

Lytrum ‘Zigeuner Blut’ – which translates as Gypsy Blood

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