Cheltenham garden meadow


In early spring, 2013, we planted this meadow on the front, roadside, garden of our client after they had asked us to increase the privacy from the road and to make the area look ‘less like the park’.

The ground was very moss rich grass, which was difficult to mow. Our solution was to plant, what we call a ‘pseudo wild flower meadow’. This is taking garden perennials, planting them among grass and letting the grass grow, which gives this meadow like effect and saves the client work! The advantage is that these plants flower for longer than true wild flower species, which we also sowed a healthy dose of at the same time. However, this year they will only be germinating, so full flowering should take place in year two.

I love it, both the aesthetic and the habitat it provides. Lots of the european Barn Funnel weaver spiders had made homes in the grass and bees were working the clover, the single most important nectar source for them. As a brief aside, there is nothing more important that we can do for the health of the planet and to mitigate our impact upon it than to provide a diverse habitat by managing the flora to enable the wider fauna to  flourish in it.

AND – This only took one man, one day to do…!

It must be stressed that not every piece of ground is suitable for this kind of cultivation however, if it is, there is no better choice so please ask if you would like us to come and have a look at your garden. Less work, more beauty, more wildlife.

Cheltenham, garden  meadow

Cheltenham, garden

The garden plants more usually used in our landscape projects

The garden plants more usually used in our landscape projects

Wild flower seeds

Wild flower seeds

Battledown, Cheltenham meadow

Astrantia and Buttercup (Ranunculus)

Battledown, Cheltenham meadow.

This is Cephalaria which copes very well with the competition of grass

Battledown, Cheltenham meadow...

Battledown, Cheltenham meadow..

More Cephalaria and clover (Trifolium)

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