Colorful front garden in Newbury


We were drawn into this garden to add some value to the existing garden and propose some planting changes. I offer my initial report, done free of charge, at the bottom as a pdf download.

The area infront of the house was in need of the greatest attention. It was a mess of half dead viburnum, bindweed and stumps. The clients wanted summer colour. So I chose to go for big robust perennials, which require very little maintenance. The only issue, the lack of sunlight. The Poplars which, i guess were an old wind break are now massive and block quite a bit of light getting to this area. None the less, as long as their is adequate moisture plants like Eupatorium, Persicaria and Filipendula do require remarkably little direct sunlight, so this gave us the back bones of the project and we were away from there.

The best thing about this about this sort of planting is that although it looks complicated to look after, as long as it is set out well in the design stage, the maintenance is very simple and you certainly do not need any specialist knowledge. I would even say low maintenance! With all respect the clients, are not gardeners but with no visits from me after planting it is able look like this.

These pictures are the first years growing season, so it will look much fuller next year but for the first year i was pleased.



Following summer

Echinacea 'Fatal attraction'

Mid summer - low maintenance

Low maintenance planting

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