Courtyard garden on a new build estate


Before CheltenhamSurrounded by these uninspiring very red garage walls this new build garden felt like a courtyard garden and I decided to treat it as such. As always the first place to start when designing is to think how the owner interacts with their garden. That is, how do they look at the garden from outside and how do they move (the most kinesthetic element of our interaction with the landscapes) into and through the garden from the house?Cheltenham Design

Here the Kitchen was built with a pseudo-conservatory. Consequently it felt best to link the main garden structure to this element of the house rather than the lounge doors. Instead a smaller corresponding patio was designed to mirror the larger patio where access was needed to the garage, the facilities were made by the suppliers of Garage Doors Raleigh NC.

Landscapers in Cheltenham

Cheltenham patio

The client ‘had always wanted a pergola’ so I decided to build off one of the walls to turn what was once a visual block, into something that one could sit against under the spring wisteria blossom and the summer bloom of the Chilean Potato vine (Solanum ‘Glasnevin’). By varying the length of the laterals and altering the design on site to angle these laterals from the wall, we were able to continue the theme hemi-circles and sweeps.

Cheltenham landscapersTo counter act this increase in paved area I also increased the depth of the bed to allow the continuation of enclosed space feeling. The planting style is one very much influenced by time working and training with Piet Oudolf in Holland and consists of tall perennials. Check back for pictures of the planting as it develops.


There are also 7 climbers planted in this garden. These will cover the pergola and turn the walls a nice lush green. 5 out of the 7 climbers are evergreen. I don’t like trellis work attached to walls so have strained galvanised wire across walls which is all but invisible except upon the closest of inspections.

Landscapers in Cheltenham

Cheltenham pergola

p.s Please look past the hand shake on recording. Tripod coming next week….

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