Large steps, larger patio. Large house, larger garden. Surrey.


Here is one of our latest landscaping projects – designed and built by us..

Patio: Laid with a Lime stone, the brick octagons were designed to emulate the octagons of this Edwardian house and to link  between the hard lines of the house, soft curves and circles of the garden while providing resting places while walking along it.

Steps: The existing steps were too steep to be comfortable. As they had to be re-built it was decided to make a feature out of them. The walls are built with purbeck lime stone while the steps, ‘rails’ and facing edge of each step have been finished in the same lime stone to add unity.  Thanks and credit must go to Mike and Dave for their excellent stone work on these steps.

Planting: The planting is  a tall herbaceous, prairie style. I therefore hope to create corridors with occasional openings of lower foliage to give windows of the wider landscape below the patio. The area between the buildings’ octagons has been given a separate designation with more tender plants such as Beschorneria, Eucomis, Salvias etc.  Below you can see some pictures from this planting in the first year. PLEASE NOTE – as this is the first year of planting the scales are not established yet.

The ‘after’ photos have been taken with my Blackberry as my camera is still playing up and the light was useless for photography on the day I visited, sorry that these do not do the project justice. I will update these when i can, but for now I hope you can get an idea of what has been achieved.



Video: I apologise for the music however, the wind was so strong on the day i film this with my hand held that all you can hear otherwise is white noise.

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