One of the biggest misconceptions in our area of work, is people assuming that building a house is the same as building a garden. In reality, these are two entirely different crafts and we would be the first to acknowledge that we do not have the expertise to build a house (well)! There are certainly transferable skills between both practices, however, to get that 5 star result we think specialists deliver the better results.

It may seem easier to use a team of builders if they are already deployed however, we believe what may initially seem like an easier often turns into a false economy. If you are using a qualified garden design designer, he/she will be required to spend a lot more time on site managing the builder than if you use a landscaper. The designer will also have to answer a lot more questions from builders as they become familiar with the complexities of bespoke landscape schemes.

Landscapers are experts in hard and soft landscaping.  They know about externally built elements as well as ensuring the ground works are done in a way to protect the soils and allow the planting to flourish. Landscapers are experienced at building gardens that will withstand the elements (so that your paving doesn’t end up with puddles in it, for example). They know about soil and the complex intricacies around drainage, structure and compaction.

Landscapers are well acquainted with materials and how they behave when they are exposed to the elements, as well as knowing which gravels and bonding agents work best. At Emotive Landscapes, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with new products and we are constantly working to improve our end product and its durability. In the long run, all this contributes to saving you money in the whole of life cost of the garden.

If you would like to arrange an initial site visit for us to discuss your garden project, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cheltenham Town Garden and Driveway before
Cheltenham Town Garden and Driveway

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    Part of my extraordinary enjoyment in this work is the wonderful places it takes me. I have been lucky enough to see some not many do and that many would like to. A recent project has made a new entry into my top ten workplaces. We are implementing the first phase in what I hope will become a multi-layered garden landscape built considerately over a few years.