It’s no secret, we like to do things a certain way. We are proud of the techniques and methodologies we have developed to get the quality of finish and longevity of build with aim for in our projects.

When reviewing our build processes recently we found that our very experienced and skilled workers all did things in a slightly different way and this knowledge of how to build things was passed orally from colleague to colleague. Like stories round the camp fire. This has its advantage but also its disadvantages. So, we set about to try and capture the best bits of each approach to standardise our methodologies so we could:

  • Improve what we do
  • Provide a document so our clients could understand how we were proposing to build things.
  • Provide a teaching guide for less experienced members of the team so they could learn more quickly.

What was important to extract?

  1. What tools were needed to do the job
  2. What PPE was needed to carry out the job safely
  3. What are the critical construction points of the job
How to Guide for Flat Block Retaining Wall - Emotive Landscapes

1. A productive and efficient day starts by being well-prepared. These how-to guides act as a check sheet to help the landscaper get the right tools and equipment when planning and preparing the job.

2. Health and Safety is as important as the finish. Personal Protective Equipment is needed on all jobs. Steel toe-capped boots at all times. Then building it up depending on the hazards – gloves, ear defenders, safety glasses, dust masks, hard hats.

3. On every job there are one or two critical construction points that make the job a success. For example, when working with woods that have a high tannin content e.g. Oak, Western Red Cedar it is vital to use stainless steel nails and fixings to reduce the bleeding and timber staining that can happen if galvanising fixings are used. The galvanising can react with the tannins and stain the wood. Not want you want.

These how to guides and supporting files are now stored on a shared file so all employees can access these and are included in project packs so anybody within Emotive Landscapes can access one of these guides. They can then understand how to build a retaining block wall or how to construct steel edging. The guides help us to standardise our methods and free up the foremen that run each job so that they can concentrate on the hands-on management of each project.

Aside from training our team, we find that our guides are a useful for our clients. When presenting jobs to our clients these guides can be used as a tool to demonstrate exactly how their garden will be built, what’s involved with building each component and therefore what results can be expected.

We have a plan to continue to work on these guides to cover all the build elements of our projects from groundworks to paving. Decking to large tree planting. Clay paver installation to machine maintenance. We think this will provide an excellent resource to support our colleagues and clients.

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