Entrance to a lakeside property in the Cotswolds designed and built by Emotive Landscapes
We were tasked with designing a new entrance to this lakeside property in a private community in the Cotswolds. We kept the layout the same and re-imagined the surface treatments. The entrance paths sits in a bank so we wanted to give the idea that the steps were hewn from the natural bed rock.

We chose a Purbeck limestone for the task. The Cotswold stone is a limestone however this stone is soft and suspectable to frost damage when used in a landscape setting. Perfect for house building and walling but less good when the stone is sat on the ground, becomes water saturated and then freezes. Purbeck is a harder stone.

Entrance path planting by Emotive Landscapes for a lakeside house in the Cotswolds

The extant retaining log round walls were effective but not a thing of beauty so we decided to clad them with mixed size Western Red Cedar. Mixing the sizes for visual interest. Lightweight, long lasting and visually in keeping with the larch cladding of the house. Part of the brief was to improve the heat exchange units covers. Again we chose cedar to build these boxes.

Planting scheme for pathways in the Cotswolds

The property has a beautiful lakeside aspect but the access to the lake was off putting to the home owner.

We built up the previously sloping lawn with a Millboard deck and composite subframe and changed the boards on the walk way.

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